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Chicken Little and Little Boo Hoo

Was I the only one to notice an incredible similarity between the "Star" character of Disney's® "Chicken Little" and the little strange son in the Warner Bros.® Foghorn Leghorn™ cartoon "Little Boo Hoo" (1954) of Miss Prissy (or in some cartoons her nephew)?

Disney® is getting so desperate that it is now having to pinch other sideline characters from the past achieves of other studios?

And of all characters ... A CHICKEN?

Add to this the sadness of hearing that Disney® is leaving the word of 2D animation and concentrating on 3D. 2D Animation was its strength and there is still, I believe, a special place for 2D animation, as the Manga artists are proving.

Disney® holds a special place for me for I have loved their animation skill and style all my life (along with Warner Bros.® and MGM I might add).

It was also when I was in Italy that a representative of Disney® (or Mondadori, I was never sure or clear which) approached me to work for them after seeing some of my Work in a nearby Bar.

It was not to work in their animation departments, but to help in drawing their comic books and annuals, which they do many of and many, many artists toil away at.

Mondadori prints these in Italy and they are famous for their publication called Topolino (the name given to Mickey Mouse in Italy). From what I could gather at the time it also meant that any ideas I had or characters that I created, became the property of Disney®, so I said no.

I still admire greatly Disney®, especially Walt Disney and the fantastic vision that he had. He helped to bring about respectability for cartoons as well as bettering their quality.

I love what Pixar® have done with their 3D and admire their skill. But it's just not my world and I have no interest in it. 2D is the natural world for me and one I am very comfortable in. I can make my characters well rounded and have depth without computer 3D.

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Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist

Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist
Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist
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Baron Barrymore Halpenny - Illustrator and Cartoonist